Spin Over

9 minutes 36 seconds | Short Film | 2023

Key Credits

  • Directed by :
    Shazia Javed
  • Writer :
    Shazia Javed
  • Produced by :
    Shazia Javed
  • Co-Producer :
    Carroll Chiramel
  • Director of Photography :
    Jason Han
  • Editor and Colorist :
    Carroll Chiramel
  • Composer :
    Daniela Pinto
  • Cast :
    Zehra Nawab as Hina Answer
    Aliya Kanani as Barkha Gil
    Harjeet Dhillon as Selector 1
    Ayan Elmi as Selector 2

Awards & Recognition

Screened at:
UK Asian Film Festival
IFFSA Toronto
Chicago South Asian Film Festival
Oakville Festival of Film and Arts
Hamilton Film Festival


Hina Anwar, a South-Asian Canadian mom, rekindles her passion for the game of cricket after a hiatus. She steals some moments from her every -day chores to go for cricket try-outs. Hina reaches late and first impressions are already formed about her being a tardy ‘mom type’ player. Will she be able to prove her mettle?