Second Chance, Hina!

Key Credits

  • Directed by :
    Shazia Javed
  • Produced by :
    Shazia Javed
  • Writing credits :
    Shazia Javed
  • Director of Photography :
    Jason Han
  • Editorial Department:
    Carroll Chiramel
  • Developed with the support of IPF & CMF


Hina has been living the life of a suburban mom when an accidental brush with Cricket rekindles an ardent passion for the game. As things get serious and she has an opportunity to be a part of the National team, she, her husband, and her kid have to find ways to cope with her increasing absence at home, leading to sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, and often chaotic moments. Hina has a second chance at winning at the game and in life- will she be able to take it?